Great Formwork Product Components

Includes wall panel, deck panel & beam soffit panel. All panel are connected to both corner angle (CA) and external cover in order to enclose in order to enclose the construction structure to ensure that the building structure is formed when the concrete is poured

Wall Panel

Deck Panel

Beam Soffit Panel


Corner Angle (CA)

Inner Corner (IC)

Middle Beam (MB)

G Panel

Slab in Corner (SIC)

Rocker (R)

Supporting System

Slap prop head, prop head, prop rod, etc. are the supporting system in the construction process of concrete strife. The vertical direction is to accurately adjust the elevation, and the oblique direction is accurately adjust the verticality of wall. Where the controllable error range is within 3~5mm.

Slab Prop Head

Beam Prop Head

Steel Prop

Reinforcement System

To ensure the width of the structure when the formwork is formed, and there is no deformation, mood increase or discharge incident when pouring concrete. The reinforcement system controls the flatness and size of the wall. The system includes Round & Wedge Pin, wall screw, Hollow section, pVC sleeve etc. The back can control the flatness of the wall, and the through-wall screw can control the cross-sectional size.

Tie Rod

Hollow Section

Flat Tie & PVC Sleeve

Round Pin & Wedge Pin

Reinforcement System

Includes hammers, panel puller, hanger, etc. are the supporting components of the formwork accessory system.



Panel Puller